Three Birthdays, One Night

April 3, 2012

Saturday night was a whirlwind. Ali and I had 3 birthday parties to attend (in one night!) So, Wikipedia tells me that pregnancy lasts approximately 38 weeks. 38 weeks before March 31 is July 8 or 9, depending on whether or not it was a leap year. Maybe Independence Day nookie? Like, oh we can get pregnant but it will be 38 weeks till this baby is Independent from the womb? Is that popular for deciding to have children?

Anyway. We started at a gallery showing at Asia Town Center’s Negative Space for Gadi Zamir. I’m not really an art connoisseur (it definitely took me several minutes to spell that word) but his art looks really cool. Anyway, my new friend Melody had a birthday earlier that week, so her fiance Dan got her donuts from Peace, Love, and Little Donuts. There was a maple syrup and bacon one. Bacon is so ubiquitious. It doesn’t really make sense to me to put it on freaking EVERYTHING. What about the other savory foods? They feel left out. #msg #yesiknowthisisnttwitterbuthashtagsshouldbeeverywhere

Melody and Dan
Melody and Dan

After this party, we jetted to Soho Cleveland for Tracie’s birthday party. I got really excited when I found out that they have a vegetarian menu that I tweeted them, but they totally didn’t tweet me back. That was kind of a bummer.

Ali made some straw thingies that said “32” on them for Tracie, but the glue ran out of stickiness while we were there so we borrowed a stapler from them to re-affix them. They were super cool about it. No one said, “I-I-I believe you have my stapler,” not even once!

Ali, Nidhi, Millie
Ali, Nidhi, and Millie

The stapling process

Tracie and her numbers
Tracie and her numbers

I got the spicy fried tofu with sweet potato waffles. Omg I never want to eat a different meal again. SOHO good. Hehe.

Spicy Tofu and Waffles
Spicy tofu with sweet potato waffles

Then, we left OHC and went to my friend Joyce’s birthday party. Originally, it was supposed to be kareoke somewhere in Asiatown, but apparently some cops wanted to watch some sort of basketball game there and me doing karaoke in front of police officers is definitely something I’d get arrested for. (Ok, does anyone really care about OSU basketball anyway? Maybe I’m just bitter since Michigan was kicked out the first round) Instead, we went to my firend John’s apartment for karaoke (he has a machine!) and played Cards Against Humanity, or sort of a dirty Apples to Apples. (Whenever I play Apples to Apples, I try to make it as un-PC as possible. Some of my friends play it literally, and that’s where words like ‘Cherannasaurus Rex’ are born, not unlike all the people this weekend.)

Cards Against Humanity
Cards Against Humanity!! AGAINST IT!!

Us playing Cards Against Humanity!
Here we are, playing Cards Against Humanity. John Tran totally took this picture and I totally stole it.

That was probably the most birthy Saturday night I’ve ever participated in. Geez.


2 Responses to “Three Birthdays, One Night”

  1. alithearchitect said

    Oh What A Night! This was such a fabulous weekend to kick off Cleveland Socialite: between Shaker LaunchHouse’s Yelp Helps event on Thursday to a leisurely Sunday at the Cleveland International Film Fest and brinner at Le Petit Triangle in Ohio City, we covered the map with our awesomeness.

  2. Love this new blog 🙂
    Considering I was born on that day too, I did not need to know about Independence Day nookie. Thanks for the thought. I cannot get it out of my mind!

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