Being Sick

April 5, 2012

Being sick is the worst.

Ali and I were supposed to hang out and watch a movie on Tuesday, she called to tell me that she was feeling a bit scratchy-throated. THE WORST. We hadn’t seen each other since Sunday, so I thought I was in the clear for this scratchy throat disease that she has. WRONG. Tuesday night, after Ali had gone to bed and I woke her up to tell her and we were super excited and giggly for about an hour about winning Rock Hall tickets from Cleveland’s a Plum, I started having scratchy throat symptoms.

Enter prophylactic Thera-Flu. Still don’t feel better!

Enter my homemade pho and new Instagram for Android D: (addicted). Still don’t feel better.


I’ve been drinking hot honey water all day at work and now I’m legit drinking broth from a cup.

Being sick is the worst!


5 Responses to “Being Sick”

  1. Hope you both feel better right away! Gotta be in top form for the awesomeness you won from the Plum!

  2. alithearchitect said

    Please tell me you’re eating all those things at once, non-stop until the symptoms disappear.

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