Wild Wednesday

April 5, 2012

Yesterday night Nidhi and Ali got wild. On Nidhi’s couch. With loads of honey and hot tea.

Although we’ve known each other for less than a year, we’ve found oodles of commonalities. Including this one: On Wednesday we both realized our throats were very, very sore.

On Monday Ali attended a computer class at the Cleveland Heights Main Library on Lee to learn HTML (don’t make fun, these free classes are gold and I bet you don’t even know what HTML stands for!). Afterwards, she spent a second perusing the dvd collection. After snagging the first season of “Gossip Girls” (a true Bible for any blogger with dreams of socialite status), she stumbled across the film “The Oh in Ohio”. Naturally, Ali grabbed it like the last jar of Nutella at Heinen’s.

When Ali first moved to Cleveland she rented the film “The NightOwls of Coventry” because it was about a famed street minutes from her new address. This same logic compelled her to rent the “Oh”.

Pretty early on in the movie we realized that we would not be watching this if it were not set in Cleveland. Happy to hear our fair city’s name repeated repeatedly (seriously, did someone make a $100 every time a character figured out how to work “Cleveland” into their lines?), we decided to continue to watch this mediocre movie. We also decided we should take shots of tea every time someone mentioned Cle. I told you, we were wild.

So, yeah, the film was eh. There were a lot of sexually or otherwise frustrated people and Mischa Barton, which rarely makes for a good film. Mostly, the movie was awkward. However, there were some really terrific skyline shots and everyone was dressed pleasantly (it was definitely not filmed in winter) and we’ve made it our new life’s mission to live in the Manly Arms, a building that probably exists in Cleveland Heights if in no other part of the world. And, Danny Devito’s character, while gross, had an awesome five story water-slide in his backyard with stellar views of downtown. Too bad it looks like his waterpark is in East Cleveland.

So here’s to falling in love with our city a little bit more, even if it was over stifled sniffles and mugs of tea. Cheers!


One Response to “Wild Wednesday”

  1. Mischa Barton is the worst actress of LIFE.

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