April 11, 2012

Girltalk has an amazing reputation in CLE – he went to Case and majored in biomedical engineering or something nerdy, then became a super famous DJ/song masher. When we won tickets from Cleveland’s a Plum, we were super excited. I went with my friends Tiffany, Matt, and Young. We got there and quickly realized that the drink lines were really dumb! One line to get a 21+ bracelet, one to get a drink ticket and one more to get the actual drink. Double fisting that shit yo.

IMG595 (Small) 

We totally missed the opening act (smokescreen? not entirely sure if it was a musical act or literally a smokescreen since it was so smoky when we got there).

He’s about to come on stage!!

IMG598 (Small)

IS HE SHIRTLESS??? Probably! Someone told me that he can’t go a single show without taking his shirt off. It’s just, like, so hard to show how excited he is with his shirt on!

IMG601 (Small) IMG603 (Small) IMG604 (Small) IMG606 (Small)

At the end of the 1.5 hour show, a bunch of balloons fell on top of us. But I was totally on top of that shit, yo. I saw the balloons all tied up before the show started and excitedly pointed them out to my friends. They were like, “That’s cool, babe.”

IMG615 (Small) IMG617 (Small)

The aftermath.

IMG623 (Small)

Fun afterparty story: Ok, it wasn’t really an afterparty. Tiffany, Matt and I went to Bounce, a gay club in Ohio City. Matt took off his sweatshirt sometime during the dance party and then seemingly lost it. So we had to wait in a booth 20 minutes after 2 for everyone to leave so he could go look for it on the dancefloor. While we were sitting there, this guy comes up to me and goes, “Oh. My. God. You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. Are you a lesbian? Are you just having fun? I’m totally straight. I’m actually gay. Are you Indian? Do you know how to make curry?” Then I noticed his hand, which said, “Under 21”, which prompted me to ask him how old he was. He told me he was 18 and that was really neat-o. Made my Saturday night.


One Response to “Girrrrrltalk”

  1. Bounce is so much fun – haven’t been there in years!!! Love that Matt lost his sweatshirt…I think I might have just left it behind. But then you wouldn’t have made your new friend :o)

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