Thoroughly Thursday

April 13, 2012

To keep our minds off of the fact that today is Friday the 13th (eek!), Nidhi and Ali curated a very busy evening yesterday.

For starters, it was the launch party for M+arty, a fresh new way to network that’s been uber successful in North Carolina and was also very well attended in our lovely city! The first ever M+arty in Cleveland was hosted by Asia Town Center and featured Negative Space gallery and Constantino’s Market, which will soon be appearing on the “raves and faves” page (although their vegetarian sampling were slim). Ali is on the executive team and designed the logo and social media experience for the event.

After two hours of balancing plates, cups of wine and conversation with people from all over NEO, Nidhi and Ali drove in circles for fifeteen minutes looking for free parking near-ish the Q for the Rock Hall’s Concert for Cleveland. The show was touted as sold out, but either people “bought” free tickets and didn’t show and or the term sold-out means something different to event planners than it does to us. At around 8pm George Clinton took the stage with his huge entourage the Parliament Funkadelic (were all those people really in the band?). Nidhi googled the band and found out they were popular in the 70’s. That made sense since there were roller blades and feathers and a guy wearing fuzzy pants and belt buckle bling that spelled out “nose”. The seventies were strange I tell you!

The kiss cam was probably the best thing at the Q, especially when people got really awkward or two guys kissed. The best was the guy with the huge beer belly who made his friend kiss is pregnant tummy. It was love. The worst was the people who used tongue and were in full out make-out mode. Grossness.

We entertained Kid Cudi for a bit, but sadly, he is not the performer that Clinton was. We didn’t know a single song, which made it frustrating that he kept asking the audience to sing. What are you saying, kid? Then we guessed he wasn’t really a kid. We were right. Nidhi did more googling and found out he is 28. Adult Cudi is not my favorite performer. No siree.

Thanks to clevelandsaplum for the tickets to the concert.

If you’re interested in M+artying next month, the event is May 10th back at Asia Town Center. There will be free, awesome sushi rolling and of course, great people!

Register here.

(photos: Constantino’s yummy spread at M+arty; George Clinton; Kid Cudi @ the Q; Nidhi and Ali at the Q.)


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