Rock Hall Induction

April 17, 2012

When Ali and I won tickets to the Rock Hall Induction Simulcast (interestingly happening at a time simultaneous to the actual Rock Hall Induction), we were BEYOND excited. We were both sitting in our respective beds with some sort of strep throat and texting each other, planning our outfits.

Before the actual show, we went to Public Hall to see if we could famespot. We apparently arrived too late, becuase some lady was like, “You just missed David Arquette!” Now, who the eff is David Arquette and why should we care that we missed him? (We don’t.) (We’re more famous.) Check out the sweet red carpet that was duct taped to the brick.

Red Carpet

We spotted a glow necklace that we could only speculate was leftover from the Girl Talk concert the week before, since it wasn’t glowing anymore. Sigh. I miss my 18-year-old boyfriend Melbourne.

Girl Talk Neon

We wandered into Public Hall and tried to figure out if we could sneak into the induction. (We couldn’t.) (Almost.) (Ok, not at all really.)

Public Hall Inside

After our failed attempt at famespotting, we wandered over to the Rock Hall and took a bunch of pictures that we shouldn’t have, since picture taking inside is apparently “not allowed” or similar.

Rock HallDinosaurs  Sparkle Twins Made in Detroit

We found a super-bedazzled guitar and could only assume it was made in honor of Michael Jackson of Thriller fame. I think he sang a few other songs too. Ok, isn’t my furry vest probably the coolest vest ever? I bought it at Value World like 5 months ago and didn’t have anywhere to wear it. And Ali is wearing a jumpsuit bedazzled onesie that she also acquired at Value World. #rockStarLife

With MJ Guitar

While we were famespotting at the red carpet, we thought it would be absolutely fabulous to take a picture of us on the Red Carpet. I asked one of the valet boys if he would take a picture of us, and he was all, “Ok, you’re an idiot. You’re not even famous.” GUESS WHAT! WE ARE FAMOUS! IN OUR HEADS!

Almost Famous



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