Post-Grad Education

April 18, 2012

Professors aren’t compelling us to go to lectures any longer, but that doesn’t mean Nidhi and Ali aren’t interested in a little education every once in a social while.

340 The Cleveland chapter of the American Institute of Architects launched a new lecture series this Spring culminating the talk by Eric Cesal, a designer who emerged from grad school in perfect timing with the recession. After taking a non-traditional route and becoming somewhat disillusioned with his life’s aspirations, he took an offer in Haiti working for Architecture for Humanity’s Rebuilding Center. His story was compelling, the free noshes were delicious.

For once, Nidhi and Ali were on time for this lecture – so much so that a visit to Starbucks was in order, and there was still time to take a spin around the Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative where we met a singular working student, a singular working employee (on Facebook) and a discarded pile of phonebooks begging to be crafted up.

We’re never on time for anything, and last time we went to an AIA lecture we arrived 25 mins late and left 25 mins early. For an 1.5 hr lecture. Sometimes, we’re terrible people. We don’t mean to be, its the silly meters downtown that say you cannot park on the right side of Prospect until 6:30. Ridiculous.

Moving on.

jesse owens Nidhi is super stellar at finding things to do. I have a hunch it’s because she’s so good at the Twitter. She just knows what’s up. She found this free premiere screening of the documentary American Experience: Jesse Owens hosted by WVIZ/PBS ideastream® Featuring a Q & A with Producer/Director Laurens Grant.

The documentary was wonderful and extremely enlightening. We didn’t even know that Jesse Owens was from Cleveland and that he struggled to support his family after he came back to America following the 1936 Olympics in Berlin (Inconsequently, I’ve been to the Stadium and it’s chillingly monolithic, oppressive. Even the swimming pools full of children seem depressed.)

The dessert reception afterwards was full of yummy cookies and baklava (sp?). And decaf coffee. Decaf? Whimps!

If you’re interested in the film – highly recommended – it will air a few times in Early May on WVIZ / PBS. If you’re interested in finding out how Nidhi finds out where and when all the best –free! – events are happening, follow her on Twitter @Nidhizzle

IMG650 IMG647

Above, L to R: Inside one of the studios at WVIZ. This how we are going to be famous. Louis Stokes (there are more things in Cleveland named after him than Jesse Owens!) was a featured commentator in the film and watched a film for the first time alongside Nidhi and Ali (okay, a few rows closer to the stage).


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  1. lmao so good at the twitter

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