hello, buh-bye

May 1, 2012

So aside from Nidhi’s diddly about her footballing skills, we’ve both been super neglectful of our new baby blog (could this be further proof of the fact that we strongly dislike real babies? maybe.).

Well we have been out living life (sometime behind the green glow of a computer screen, other times singing our asses off at Tina’s on W.54 (more to come on the latter!). I have also been prepping for a two week excursion to Kenya to visit a dear friend from college who happens to be stationed in Nairobi as a Kiva Fellow (READ about her awesome journey here!)!

She’s planned a fantastic whirlwind tour of East Africa complete with beach house stays and safaris and I couldn’t be more excited. I also couldn’t be less prepared to take off in less than 48 hours. Sure, I have my malaria pills and typhoid, yellow fever, etc., etc., etc. floating around my body, but as far as actually putting things like a camera, rain boots and a passport IN my suitcases? Nope. Not happened.

So… ladies and gentlemen… my much belated and belabored excuse as to why you have not and will not hear from me (Ali… writing in third person was my thing until Nidhi shot it down! WAH!) for at least another two weeks is that I need to freaking learn how to love packing and much as I love blogging. HELP!

Read more hateful odes to packing at alithearchitect and find out if I’m taking these awesome United Nude Web shoes along to Africa 😉




2 Responses to “hello, buh-bye”

  1. Ellen said

    a) Or your neglect of the blog could be indicative of the fact that you really are socialites and don’t have much time for little things like The Internet.
    b) Have so much fun in Africa! Hug a zebra for me.

  2. alithearchitect said

    Omg! Yes! of course, socialites shouldn’t even have time to update twitter, right? Come on, give me an excuse to not use twitter! 🙂 AND THANK YOU! BTW everyone should also read Ellen’s awesome blog concerning her Master’s project in the Peace Corps in the DR! So awesome: http://pcmi-ellen.blogspot.com/2012/05/successful-hogares-meeting.html

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