Sunday Morning Football

May 1, 2012

I know exactly what you’re thinking. No one plays football on Sunday morning. That would destroy any dreams of going out on Saturday night. Well guess what! I went out on Saturday night! I had forgotten practice was at 10:30 in the morning.

The reason for Sunday morning football is that I’m participating in Blondes vs. Brunettes, a charity powderpuff football game. I volunteered to play because I thought I was Tom Brady. (Also the charity supports Alzheimer’s research but mostly I’m Tom Brady.)

Gentle readers, this will come as a shock. Turns out, I’m not Tom Brady. Or even Tim Tebow. D:

I can’t throw, I can’t catch, I can barely run. I get ILL from playing offense *cough cough cough*.  GET YOUR BLONDIE PAWS OFF MY FOOTBALL. Almost had it.

A picture from 2005 almost disproves your theory that I know how to play football.


Please donate! A twenty dollar donation gets you a ticket to the June 16 game to watch me attempt to tackle people since I’ll forget all the rules as soon as I start playing. Also I might even do something like this. (I make really awkward faces with I see balls coming at me.)(That’s what she said.)(I can’t believe I turned a blogpost about a serious topic into something dirty.)

If it sweetens the deal, ANY donation gets you A LOVE LETTER handwritten by me!!! I’ll even mail it to you!


**Disclaimer: I was asked by BvBCLE to blog about my experience as an ultra-talented player in this football game. They didn’t know I’m not an ultra-talented player. All opinions are my own. I may even be an ultra-talented player. You should donate to find out if I am. LOVE LETTERS! I may or may not be trying to get rid of my Lisa Frank stationary.**


2 Responses to “Sunday Morning Football”

  1. Lindsay said

    LOVE this! Get it Tom Brady
    and i have said if i dont raise my $250 …… i will be washing ALOT of cars on June 2nd! 🙂
    maybe i will be washing cars next to Tom Brady
    (cough cough nidhizzle)

  2. alithearchitect said

    Go team! What team would I be on?!?

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