May 7, 2012

When tickets to TEDxCLE went on sale earlier this year (yes, I had the date saved in my calendar for MONTHS since I missed it last year), they sold out in 46 minutes. I freaked out for like 20 minutes since the website was down (it’s a technology conference, really?!) and kept tweeting @tedxcle that I couldn’t buy tickets help meee.

I bought tickets for me and my coworker Nick, and our seats ended up being in the center of the VERY LAST ROW. This meant that we’d be able to see the entire theatre!!! BEST SEATS EVER! Check out this awesome Instagram that makes it look like this event happened in 1964. ACTUALLY, it happened in 2012. On 4/20. And no one was high – I didn’t smell ANY weed (and I have a very strong nose for that. Ickkk.)

IMG_20120420_090718 (Small) 

The scene was set with various art pieces of various shots of the Cleveland skyline. I say art pieces because I couldn’t tell if they were line drawings, paintings, white out, watercolors, or what. Probably because I was hanging out in the last row and could barely SEE anything but SEE everything.

IMG668 (Small)

A few musical acts performed: Lolah Brown and Cloud Nothings. TEDxConcert!! Yay.

IMG667 (Small)

I don’t super remember the intricacies of TEDxCLE anymore since it was approximately 2 weeks ago, but I do remember a certain attention grabber named Nidhizzle tweeting (and getting on the hashtag Big Screen of TEDxCLE,

IMG669 (Small)

AND THEN @jrng told me that she would be my wingman, @jopanese said HA, and @lilialipps told me to “go get him girl!!” They also got on the big screen. AND I met @lilialipps for the first time afterward at the lunch. Fabulous! Some random also tweeted me back saying “Sorry, I’m taken.” I don’t think it was him.

The last speaker, Philip Niles, was so totally adorable when he spoke. Now, I"m absolutely smitten with him and MUST MEET HIM.


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