Goodwill GoodStyle Fashion Show

May 8, 2012

Last Thursday, I attended the Goodwill GoodStyle Fashion show at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens, a possibly charity fashion show and/or I have no idea where the money from the ticket went. It was a fashion show where a few fashion bloggers and fashion students from Ursuline College showcased their finds and redos of thrift shop clothes.

Here is a picture of Kimberly and Dina before the show. Dina (Dina’s Days) was one of the fashion bloggers that had a slot in the show. She’s so adorable. I have been following her blog and her twitter, and I met her for the first time on Thursday. I had just stuck a piece of asparagus in my mouth and she said, “Hi, I’m Dina!” And I replied with, “Woweojfsasdoipuwe!” I’m 90% sure my asparagus may have fallen to the ground.

DSCN0860 (Small)

Here’s the runway before the show started! I think around this time, Kimberly  said, “Do you want to see the guns I’ve acquired from yoga?” I was really confused since yoga is supposed to be non-violent and why in the world would there be guns involved? I realized soon after when she was flexing, she meant her arm guns.

DSCN0863 (Small)

Check out this blurry model! It looks like she’s wearing some sort of gray blazer and blue pants. Maybe it’s even a skirt. Whatever, it looks ‘artistic’ or similar. Guys omg I saw this outfit this weekend where the girl was wearing blue skinny jeans, a silver sequined top and a white blazer. SO cute. I want it. #glitter It’s not exactly the  same as the outfit below but that’s ok since you can’t really see it.

DSCN0869 (Small)

Lauren from Someone Like You had a French theme going on with her outfits, and each outfit had a description of where the model would wear it. So adorable.

DSCN0895 (Small)

Hey! Check out the backs of these models since I realized my ISO on my camera was completely wrong and I couldn’t take pictures in a timely fashion. Hehe. See what I did there? Timely fashion.

DSCN0881 (Small)

Then at intermission I saw a waterfall.

DSCN0888 (Small)

After the show, I asked one of the bartenders to take a picture of me, Kimberly, and Kimberly’s friend Michelle who is a fabulous accessorizer. I wear the same earrings every day since I’m terrified that I’ll accidentally leave one of my accessories drunkenly at a bar (it’s happened) or, even worse, that I won’t match. Also this picture is blue since I figured out that my camera can do a manual white balance and I was playing around with it and forgot to re-balance. JK. We’re actually blue.

DSCN0903 (Small)

After the fashoin show, I went to the Fairmount with my friend Bridget for a drink. I had to post this picture since we both look so fashionable in our matching trendy cobalt blue miniskirts. She’s so much taller than I am! I’m wearing a semi-thrifted high-waisted miniskirt and my waist is at the same location as her hips! Haha.

DSCN0917 (Small)

Don’t you just love thrifting? (Yes. Because I’m a hoarder. Or, as I prefer to call myself, a crafter.)


2 Responses to “Goodwill GoodStyle Fashion Show”

  1. Looks like it was a fun show! So wish I was there with you ladies.

    • cleveland said

      I think I mentioned the yoga guns by the ant tree. Or log. Or whatever it was. Just sayin.

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