Fifteen Minutes

May 16, 2012

This morning, my friend Sarah tweeted me.

@nidhizzle you’re one step closer to being famous! Your pic is in PD today, unfortunately no names given for models.…

— Cooker Girl (@sarahberridge) May 16, 2012

AWESOME. Someone called the Plain Dealer, I AM going to be a star.

Barbara Rubright

I think secretly my mom wants me to be famous, but she should have been a pushier mother when I was a child and I could have won all the child beauty pageants. Instead, she pushed me to be good at school and here I am, an unfamous (not infamous) engineer. Are my 15 minutes up yet? No. It’s just the beginning.


2 Responses to “Fifteen Minutes”

  1. alithearchitect said

    It is just the beginning! Hurray! I wish you were an infamous engineer though. I have a feeling someday I will be an infamous architects. We could share a jail cell or time on the front page of the PD?

  2. […] is me walking down the aisle. If you notice, it looks eerily similar to the time I modeled. Apparently I treat everything like a runway. I’m a model if you know what I […]

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