Back in Black

May 18, 2012

I’m back from L’Afrique, shroud in black shedding tears over the loss of Nidhi’s perfectly useless wisdom teeth. Her text messages make me believe she might have lost a teensy bit of wisdom during oral surgery. Or maybe it’s just the drugs?

She’s due for a quick recovery, which is good news since this weekend is full of many activities and gorgeous weather!

Tonight I’m hosting a special event for my university’s alumni group at the Cleveland Museum of Art. It’s a behind the scenes tour with on our Alum, Heidi Strean, Director of RembrandtAmer_B15.ashxExhibitions. If you haven’t seen the “Rembrandt in America“ Exhibition yet, you have 10 more days. Go there. The CMA and the Botanical Gardens also have a special discount for people interested in making a lovely day out of the fabulous museums on Wade Oval. While you’re hanging at the ticket counter, make sure to purchase tickets for the Solstice on June 30th.

After a big ol’ brunch with the Cleveland Panhellenic Sororities on Saturday, I’ll be volunteeringASIAN-FESTIVAL-postcard-FRONT-697x1024 at the Cleveland Asian Festival. Last year the three day event drew over 31,000 people to Asia Town.

MTV’s Top5 America Best Dance Crew, Instant Noodles, will be performing! And of course the food will be incredible. I’m so looking forward to my dinner voucher for volunteering!

I’m sure you’ve seen the postcard around the city. Did you love it? You better, because I designed it as part of the competition that happened last October!

After a night of socializing socialite style, we shall  wake from our hearty slumber and roll dohessler0333wn the hill to Algebra’s TeaHouse before heading over to the Hessler Street Fair in University Circle. This is the festival’s 43rd year in the landmark district. I’m also excited to pop inside Constantino’s new location right around the corner. My work colleagues are raving about the food and the fact that is walking distance from our office on E123!

Afterwards, we’ll be checking out the Friends of the Library book/ dvd sale at the main CHUH library on Lee Rd (incidentally designed by my architecture firm!).The sale begins today, but Sunday is the first day of “a bag o’ books for $3”.

Somewhere in here959, the weekend will require naps, medicine (pain pills for Nidhi, anti- malaria for me) and lots of time spent uploading photos from my safari and beach adventures in Kenya. For now, here is a photo of a lion who just lost battle for the lionness to another man. Poor buddy. 

Happy Weekend!


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