The Indy500: Or, a trip to the center of the Midwest

June 9, 2012

Over Memorial Day weekend, I decided to visit my friend Lindsay in Indianapolis since I haven’t seen her in AGES. She texted me a few weeks before asking if I wanted to go to the Indy500 and I responded back with, “ABSOLUTELY!” We had tickets to the infield, which is obviously always the best place to hang out at a race.

Doors to the infield opened at 5:33am, so we left Lindsay’s place at 4:30am (THE WORST). Luckily Lindsay’s fiance Nick brought me coffee so I was good and wired.

Here is the infield! The infield is awesome. We could bring in our own food/beverages and just park our cars there and hang out. Epitome of the Midwest. 

DSCN1037 (Small)

Here is a picture of Lindsay and I, pre our 6am nap. I am wearing a floral sundress and a hat I purchased at Urban Outfitters because I am allergic to cutoff denim and also I forgot my sunglasses in the Cle. I saw many a man wearing cutoff jean shorts and they were cut off at AWKWARDLY DIFFERENT LENGTHS! Was this done in irony? I can’t decide. 

DSCN1036 (Small)

After we took our nap, we started drinking. Lindsay’s friend Adam had these super shotglasses where you pour the chaser at the bottom and the top and then it only tastes like chaser! Sidenote: There is a picture on the bookface of me doing one of these shots and my mom told me she liked my dress. I said, “In the picture where I’m doing a shot?” and my mom said, “Yes. Bad girl.”

DSCN1041 (Small)

Ok so I watched maybe 2 laps of the race. It ended with Dario Franchitti winning by default since someone got in a crash on lap 199 and then they had to all go at the same speed. Here is a picture I found on the internet of Dario Franchitti.

As we were leaving, we saw a car in the line to get out that had a door open. This van didn’t have seats in the back, so they had replaced them with camping chairs! WTF! That is safe. AT A CAR RACE, NO LESS. #onlyinIndy

DSCN1045 (Small)

Among many shirts that said, “America: Two-Time World War Champs” (yes, it took me a second to get it too), I found this gem. DO YOU KNOW WHAT HITLER DID??? IDIOT.

DSCN1053 (Small)

On a lighter note (or more fiery? you decide)…right before we left, there was plume of smoke coming from a little ways away on the infield. Someone jokingly said, “Someone’s probably burning a couch!” and I said, “No way. Where are we, MSU?” Guess what someone set on fire.

Yes. That is the backseat of a minivan. #onlyinIndy


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