New Places, Smiling Faces

June 15, 2012

IMG-20120610-00454(1)Thursday is the new Friday and Wednesday the new Thursday and Friday (apparently the new Tuesday, home to Craft+Wine Club) and Tuesday the new date night. Got it? Good, because I don’t!

It’s been a hell of a confusing and busy week, which kicked off with a fabulous time at Tina’s, the best karaoke spot in town as long as you’re well received by the DJ (I am not, but I do have more charming friends, luckily!).

IMG-20120612-00490 Next up on Sunday evening was a jewelry and Mexican-themed-dip party in Westlake, steps away from the even more fabulous Crocker Park and Trader Joe’s. On Monday I gathered up my gym socks and returned to Caribbean Cardio with THE best instructor at 1-2-1, Devon Jones. Tuesday somehow evolved into date night with a trip up MLK to the lakefront on (jhfhfjfh) >> that’s code for I cannot reveal the secret spot, go get your own Tuesday hangout!<<. The weather, due to the drought, has been stellar, and with all the dust and particles in the sky, the sunset was immensely spectacular and Cleveland’s skyline never looked prettier!

Wednesday marked the day I ate wings with a celebrity. Down at Bob Golic’s on W.6th, Bob Golic himself showed up to a M+arty event and did a terrific 282731_427011390672600_1290433523_n“livin’ local” segment for us in between goofing up, talking about his interactions with Screech on Saved By The Bell: The College Years and signing autographs. NOTE: If you’d like to meet Bob yourself and become an honorary member of his dawg pound, the next M+arty event will be back at Bob’s on Wednesday, June 27th from 6-9pm! Come meet him, play trivia for prizes and eat free (amazing!) wings! 

On Thursday I attended part deux of a AIA Hardhat tour of the new MOCA project that is four months away from it’s grand opening. The guts of the museum are shaping up to be pretty spectacular, and if you’ve driven through University Circle lately, you already know the exterior is quite the eye (and sun) catcher. 

Afterwards, what good citizens of Cleveland Heights haven’t been to their newest brewery? I highly 197718_900361735749_469083288_nrecommend the sampler flight at The Bottlehouse (although it was disappointing that they ran out of their house brew, the craft selection was top notch and featured very many ales with the name “_dog” or “dog_”. Are there beers named after cats?

Also, three cheers for The Bottlehouse Brewery’s mountain of board games and free, endless popcorn. We planned the outing based around the appearance of Umami Moto (the food truck) and live music and it sure was a great evening! I highly recommend the place, just remember its on the less popular side of Lee Rd (North of Cedar). This I did not know!


And to wrap up this week of craziness, Nidhi and I will settle into a nice glass of wine (bottle?) and whip up some crafty magic while watching bad chick flicks (good ones?).

If you’re still looking for the best Saturday events this weekend, make sure to stop by the Blondes v. Brunettes touch football game tomorrow at 2pm, where Nidhi will star as a permanent defense woman. And then tomorrow night at Capital Theater in Gordon Square, we’ll end the week where we started, this time watching Jurassic Park at the Melt midnight showing!



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