BvB CLE, by an MVP

June 20, 2012

By MVP you KNOW I mean minorly valuable player.

This post could also be titled “That Time I tried to play Football and Failed” but I digress.

Last Saturday was the inaugural Blondes v Brunettes charity football game to raise money for Alzheimer’s research, and I played defense (poorly). (One of the coaches said he would whip me in to shape but he clearly lied.) Here is a picture of me Party Rocking and some coaches clearly not whipping me into shape. Though I wish a particular one would have. Hehe.


Here is a picture of me in action, and next to it is a picture of me in action with me blown up. It looks like I’m tackling that girl but she had already been tackled by someone else and I was just posing. Because I’m a camera hog. I think it’s me, anyway.

image image

Also we had to wear these “eye black” stickers that were purple, opaque, and said “Brunettes” on them. THIS HAPPENED (my cheek is slightly lighter than the rest of my face in the shape of an eye black sticker) EVEN THOUGH I WORE SUNSCREEN! SUNSCREEN APPARENTLY DOESN’T WORK EVEN WHEN IT’S SPF 45. THOUGH THIS WENT AWAY AFTER A FEW HOURS SO I THINK IT MIGHT HAVE JUST BEEN STICKER SHOCK, HEHE.


Sorry. I just wrote a blog post about myself. Right, BVB is for supporting a great cause, and you can still donate here! I think you can still donate, anyway. Thank you SO MUCH to all my lovely friends who donated to this and supported me on game day! Also Thanks to Ali for taking all these pics! ❤ Also brunettes lost 14-0 so that sucks but I can’t wait to take the Blondes on in 2013 AND BEAT THEM EVEN THOUGH ALL OF THEM ARE AT LEAST TWICE MY HEIGHT. AND ALSO BEAT ALZHEIMER’S!


One Response to “BvB CLE, by an MVP”

  1. So fun and the event raised over $30,000! But, did we ever discover who the real MVP was? I’m sure you were just one fumble / pass / hike (I don’t know any other football terms) away from the title!

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