Lauren’s Getting Married so I went to Chicago

June 26, 2012

My friend from college (whose name is Lauren in case you didn’t infer that from the title) is getting married in October, so my freshman dorm college friends and I went to Chicago last weekend (and/or stayed in Chicago because they live there) for her pseudo-bachelorette party. I made her this and this for her prezzies.

I took the Megabus to get there, which was awesome because driving is probably one of my least favorite activities. I met this nice 18 year old who is in school at like Rutgers or similar and doesn’t know what he’s doing with his life. I gave him some life advice.

On Friday, we went to dinner and saw Second City Chicago, which was awesome. Apparently there used to be a Second City Cleveland. I don’t think it exists anymore. Can I be in Second City? I’m pretty sure I’m funny enough. I’ve started to lump myself in categories of female comedians and started getting offended when people say women aren’t funny because I’m hilarious. This is a picture of my lovely host Jacqui and I at Second City. See, I was laughing really hard and/or like to take really serious photos in comical situations.


On Saturday, we brunched at bongo room and then my friend Aimee showed up late and they wouldn’t serve her. But since there ended up being 6 of us they still charged us automatic gratuity even though they wouldn’t serve one of us! That sucks, bongo room! Also there were no bongos so that sucked. Here is a picture of Lauren (the Bride!), me, my fantastic breasts, and Mira. We all look happy even though we were livid that Aimee wouldn’t get served.


After brunch, we went to the beach, each, let’s go get away. Lauren made a rock garden and then she found a rock that looked like a mountain. I’m not sure anyone ever told her that basically mountains are rocks.

image image 

Here is Jacqui and her adorabizzle cat Stuart that I cuddled all weekend and subsequently got a rash on my face. It looks like a CAT IN THE HAT!! I just made that connection. Like literally just now. Stuart also enjoyed cuddling with my purse. And my stomach. He pawed at it for like 5 minutes once, it was the cutest thing EVER! LOOK AT HOW CUTE HE IS!

image image

Then we got mani pedis. I’m sure you all want to see pictures of my fingers and toes so I am not going to post pictures of them because I like to keep a little mystery in this blog! Ok! After mani-pedis we went to dinner and here is a picture of Alicia (the Bride’s twin sister and MoH) and Lauren.


Then we went on a Chicago architecture tour with fireworks.

That was a fun weekend! I enjoyed seeing my friends and wish they didn’t live all the way in Chicago 😦 Oh well, it’s only a 6 hour Megabus away! And Lauren, we’ll miss you in single-girl world! JK I hear it’s almost exactly the same.

In other news, I saw this video thanks to Jacqui.

Did you know, according to Wikipedia, Chicago is also known as the city of big shoulders? It is fitting, all of my friends who live there have big shoulders that I stood on. I guess you could say that I was standing on the shoulders of giants.


One Response to “Lauren’s Getting Married so I went to Chicago”

  1. alithearchitect said

    I have a fireworks function on my camera. I should find the charger for that, shouldn’t I?

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