Bang Bang :: Gang Gang

June 29, 2012

The here and now is great (unless your ‘here and now’ is sitting in the sweaty, humid Cleveland sunshine without a clean, cool body of water in sight) but sometimes, a girl just needs to time travel.

409735_907088520219_871369894_nLuckily, this does not require more than a rocket car and museum ticket. Wait, you don’t have those things? What boulder have you been living under, Clevelanders?!

Last night my uncooperative Blackberry failed to capture the awesomeness that was riding around the Flats on a converted Euclid Beach Rocket. Even the sugary sweet carnival music and flashing red lights had been restored in this space-aged silver bullet that once dazzled Eastside beach goers. Ten feet above the ground, we waved at cars like we were the Queens of England. People looked at us like they were seeing ghosts of beach goers past.

484590_907084518239_172281745_n At one end of the ride was Rivergate Fest in Rivergate Park, sponsored by SPACES gallery , the Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative, Ohio Canal Corridor, Cleveland Dragon Boat Association, and Western Reserve Rowing Association. A few yummy caterers set up shop Hart Crane Park (named after the poet) and the band played on and on and on under the bridges. For FREE you could have taken part in this hootin’, hollering good time while driving through RTA-only tracks for mind-blowingly good views of Cleveland.

380722_907092816609_1418825788_n On the other end of the 14 acre park, you also would have seen a joyous group of blue people eating and drinking blue (melting) Jell-O and performing complex yoga moves while being eaten by the strange bugs that inhabit Settler’s Landing. No, this wasn’t an act from the nearby Larry Flint’s Hustler Club, this, my friends, was the FUTURE. The year 2030, to be exact when the Earth will be so overpopulated by chickens and people and organic wine that the whole lot of us just sucks of the beauty of the oceans and turns a lovely shade of blue. (We also become gelatinous.) 553912_907090775699_808952502_nI know these things, I’ve seen the future. And apparently, others have to, because between Dave’s and Walmart in Cleveland Heights, there were only 9 packets of Blue Raspberry Jello-o 😦

Why is the future full of blue? Because I said so. After being pushed and proded by CUDC designer Sagree Sharma, a small group of us met to brainstorm outlandish ways to portray daily life 18 years from now. At 43 years-old (What I will be 18 years from now! EEEK!), I can for sure tell you we might not wear only blue jumpsuits, but our food will certainly be unrecognizably gross – the way bison and cow meat look the same in a patty but not in the wild. This is fact. In fact, SOMEONE IS TRYING TO INVENT A BURRITO 3-D PRINTER. ALL OF OUR FOOD WILL BE PASTE!

179504_907089578099_835603973_n Because I am pretty good at forcing my crazy ideas on people and because I own a lot of ridiculous blue clothes and accessories, the future quickly became blue and I became the head of the art instillation alongside fellow “artists” Tiffany Schroeder and Stephen Love. See, we are famous. In the FUTURE!

So, there is it. The coolest event in the Flats. And you missed it. Why did I title part one of this post BANG BANG? Because I feel like in the sketchy area were we picnicked for three hours, in the here and now and in the future, you are likely to get shot there. I mean, isn’t that what happens on streets that are largely empty of anything save two strip clubs and a Sonoco?


Now that you are finished crying over your missed vision of 2030, start racing around your house / local thrift store to look for something dashing, darling, because now we are time traveling into the 1920’s!

Cleveland Museum of Art Summer Solstice Party The Cleveland Museum of Art is hosting it’s annual Summer Solstice this Saturday approximately 10 days later than the rest of the Earth, but no matter, the soiree would be a hit any time of year. Musicians and bands cover a huge range of material and visual and performing art performances dazzle all night long inside the museum and on the lawn (7pm-2am this year).

While the ticket price was hefty (read: greater than Free), you either forked over the cash and plan to eat very many stuffed mushroom caps or you are creative like my great friend and artist Tracie Zamiska and myself. (DISCLAIMER: Tickets are sold out! Start planning for next year, fool!)

AwkOIi5CMAEZzu-.jpg large Tracie found a photo contest on the awesome blog “Unmiserable Cleveland” and won a fast pass to the party by submitting a great photo of the dragon sculptures in AsiaTown (left). CONGRATS TRACIE! And Congrats to Unmiserable Cleveland, you have a new follower in CleSocial because Cleveland is uber-awesome, not miserable AT ALL!

I on the other hand, have become a slave volunteer at CMA and have my own plans to visit the pre-showing of the 1920’s exhibition opening to the public on July 1st. I’m also super excited to see NYC-based electronic music group Gang, Gang.

Hopefully, no one will go bang bang in Wade Oval with all those 1920’s era gangster running amuck! 🙂

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