A Very Royal Bridal Shower

July 4, 2012

Last Saturday, I (along with the MOH Justine) threw a bridal shower for my friend Stephanie. She is absolutely in LOVE with the royal wedding and/or Kate Middleton, so the theme of this was “Keep Calm and Bridal Shower” and the setting was a tea party! So very fancy.

Justine and I are both master procrastinators, so we started setting up almost all the details basically that morning. After driving around for 2 hours trying to look for Champagne&Juice (Target), plastic Champagne glasses (Dean’s Supply as well as other locations that didn’t have what we were looking for), and lunch (Phoenix because WSM had 0 parking!), we finally ended up at Phoenix Downtown to set up the party.

DSCN1187 (Small)

After finishing up the gift bags, Justine and I set up the party favor table and frantically tried to figure out what games to play since we also had not decided on those already. We ended up having this awesome bunting since FedEx had screwed up my postcard order the first time and printed them in B&W.

 DSCN1195 (Small)

After we set up all the tables in a single row to make one large table, the guests started arriving. Actually, the guests started arriving exactly on time and the tables weren’t set up yet. They were good sports and helped us move the tables around. Here is a photo of me, Stephanie (the bride, because she’s wearing a tiara) and Justine (Steph’s sister). Fun fact: That tiara cost $2 in the Target children party section but Stephanie wore it for basically 12 hours.

DSCN1197 (Small)

We moved all the stuff from the faux fireplace and used it as the gift holder. If you’re wondering what we did with the stuff originally in the faux fireplace, we hid it. Somewhere downtown. I’ll never tell. Next to that is a picture of Nathan explaining our first tea. He is probably pissed that we hid all their stuff.

DSCN1201 (Small) DSCN1204 (Small)

The tea party started off with mini sandwiches that I think Chauncey made, and they were delicious! Well, I can only speak for the vegetarian one but it was really good and the vegetarian option tasting good is really the only thing that matters to me.

 DSCN1214 (Small)

After eating the sandwiches, we moved on to scones. (The teas were kept on our tables during both foodstuffs.) The scones were served with clotted cream, butter, jam, and apple butter. OMG they were sooo delicious. And I’m not sure why this picture of me and Justine was taken. Someone was like, “Hey! Hold these scones. I’ll take a picture and you will probably print it out and hang it on your wall.” WELL GUESS WHAT, I DIDN’T.

DSCN1233 (Small)

After the foodstuffs, Stephanie started opening gifts. Her fiancé Mike showed up near the end of the shower and my favorite present was this awesome apron that someone’s grandma had sewn. I stole that, too. 

DSCN1216 (Small) DSCN1228 (Small)

Our lovely hosts at Phoenix Chauncey and Nathan were super accommodating the whole time and were so fabulous to work with. Thank you so much!! My first time planning a bridal shower was a success!


2 Responses to “A Very Royal Bridal Shower”

  1. LOVE the bridal shower tea theme!! I had no idea Phoenix does stuff like this. Great to know!

  2. […] had the glorious oppurtunity to be a bridesmaid twice this year. My friends Steph and Lindsay both got married this summer and they asked me to be a bridesmaid for them. Since I […]

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