Social Crafting

July 13, 2012

working hardMonths ago, on one very unproductive day tending to our day jobs, Nidhi and I were gchatting like our lives depended on how many times we pressed the ‘enter’ key and developed a brilliant crafting / fame-making strategy called “POP!Craft”.

POP!Craft would be a pop-up, where we would caravan the bones of Craft+Wine club (bones = craft supplies, alcohol, friends) to various locations around CLE.

It was a brilliant idea that was poorly executed.

We talked about it a lot, mostly saying the phrase “POP!Craft” in a funny, robotic, high pitched voice. Unsurprisingly, Nidhi and I became busy with other socialite activities and the act of contacting bars and vacant storefronts, begging for their consent ceased to happen.

CRAFT AT PROSPERITYThen, a group of Cleveland Museum of Art employees had the same idea, called it something (“Make and Take”) and showed us up with actual follow through. Damnit.

The first ever Make and Take took place this Tuesday at Prosperity Social Club in Tremont. The well-worn tables and omnipresent shrill sound of the skeeball machine make me believe that at one time this place must have been more prosperous and private club-like (maybe not, it opened in 2005?), but their happy hour sangria is delicious in price and taste, the patio is large and the crafting was FUN!

Make and Take part one featured paint chips – a great material easily swiped from stores. Scissors and glue dots (which incidentally, may be my new best friend, sorry Aileen’s Tacky) were provided by the museum, too, as well as handy pictogram instruction sheets which explained how to make a lidded box out of the paint chips.

pine cone basket Juliana and Stephen (pictured above) joined me alongside about a dozen other crafters. The three of us stuck to the box motif, while others were arguably more creative, designing bunting and jewelry. My box came out decently well for eyeballing the measurements and cut lines. Stephen had the fantastic idea of creating a basket in lieu of crafting a lid. It’s functionality and color choices may be in question, however (right).

The event was a lot of fun and exactly what POP!Craft envisioned itself to be. Damnit, again.

The next Make and Take will be held this upcoming Tuesday at Lava Lounge and will be a bookbinder delight. No RSVP is necessary, as the events are casual. If you’re interested, you should absolutely stop by, as the organizers are looking for input on how to expand and take this concept back to University Circle.

Check out the Make and Take new blog  for more information and updates and for better photos of the inaugural event.


2 Responses to “Social Crafting”

  1. We need to be more like Marie Antoinette’s killers and execute.

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