Walnut Wednesdays

July 15, 2012

IMG-20120711-00813 For anyone who thinks downtown Cleveland is a merely a collection of office drones on the weekdays, you have obviously not been to a Walnut Wednesday.

After hours, Walnut is an excellent go-to for free parking when attending lectures at the CUDC or a play in the theater district, BUT from 11:30am to 1:30pm on Wednesdays during the summer (May 2nd through September 26th) you’ll be hard pressed to find a place to stand let alone park.

IMG-20120711-00818 Cleveland’s famous food trucks line the street and come lunchtime, people of all kinds flock to the roving kitchen that best serves their tastebuds. From B&M’s bbq to Hodge Podge to strEAT, there is sure to be something for everyone IF you have patience, for the lines are long and the pavement hot.

Last Wednesday was my first WW experience and I loved it so much, after the lunch hour was over I immediately made plans for this week. A fantastic band entertained in the recently redeveloped park on E 12th while people boogied, melting off the calories of a tasty lunch (below).

And the food? Does !!!!!!! sum it up?

IMG-20120711-00817Stephen and I visited Hodge Podge, which was my decision, half based on the line size and the fact that I am a fan of Hodge’s (the stationary dinning location downtown that opened in the old Zinc after the wild success of the food truck!). Sharee and coworkers went to strEAT.

The rest of world seemed to be at Umami Moto, which is a great decision on their part, since their fish tacos are superb!

At $7 each, we decided to split the shrimp and jalapeño grits and two fish tacos (pictured above). Next time, I’m going to order my own shrimp. IT WAS FABULOUS. BEST THING I EVER PUT IN MY MOUTH TERRITORY. Conversely, the fish was a bit dry and the mango salsa either transparent or missing from our plates. I would complain, but standing it line to complain was not desirable.

Also, the SHRIMP GRITS WERE AMAZING.IMG-20120711-00814


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  1. […] Julie heard that my next plans were to attend Walnut Wednesday with some TriDelta Sorority alumni she was like “wait, wait I know how you can eat for free!”. […]

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