WOW indeed

August 4, 2012

IMG-20120725-00959 Otherwise known as Wade Oval Wednesday, WOW is a summer programming spectacular put on by University Circle Inc. that takes place on the lawn between the Botanical Gardens, CMA and the Natural History Museum.  Weekly through August 29th, live music fills the park. Occasionally, films play in the park, too, and although I can technically say I sat through a screening of the Academy Award winning The Artist, ambient noise killed even a silent movie. Albeit a less than ideal location for viewing silent films, the atmosphere is otherwise perfect.

People flock to UC from all around, but we are fortunate to have Wade Oval in our backyard, making every Wednesday an optimal Wine (or Sangria, pictured above) Wednesday.


And what wine tasting would be complete without crafting?!

That’s right, wine, live music, dancing and decoupaging. Admittedly, I’m the only nut who carries a bag of brushes and glue around the park, but so far its been my most productive downtime and also a great way to garner compliments from people who are amazed at my talent of gluing paper! 

IMG-20120716-00836 For this project my inspiration was Trader Joe’s whimsically illustrated brown paper bags that cheekily ask whether it counts as recycling if you hang the bags on the wall! Happily, Stephen is a die-hard recycler and he just happened to have three awfully mundane wall hangings left from a previous tenant, left.

IMG-20120801-01050And because the modgepodge used as an adhesive creates a watertight seal, my droll art hangs behind the kitchen sink, sprucing up a dull backsplash, right!

For a decoupage tutorial jump on over to ALITHEARCHITECrT where I’ve posted guides to this and other DIY crafts even novices can master!

For more on WOW, scroll down!

IMG-20120725-00964Stationary paper and paper bag art on the lawn.

IMG-20120725-00960 Tiffany and Sagree enjoying our set-up at WOW.

IMG-20120725-00963The Artist” co-sponsored by CMA.

IMG-20120725-00969 My favorite photo of Tiffany, ever. If this doesn’t capture the happiness of summer nights stargazing in the park listening to Reggae, I don’t know what does!

533327_366518343390029_538182201_n Mark August 22nd on your calendar as a ‘must go’ for WOW. Stephen’s band, Son Gitano, will be playing for the second year in a row. Their Latin fusion music is tremendous and will have you dancing on your blankets!

Check them out:


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