JuliAli Birthday Bash!

August 19, 2012

Last Friday night, (ok, last last Friday night (I’m a bad blogger)), The Gang and I went out downtown on W. 6th to celebrate the 21st birthdays of Ali and Julie. I decided that since we were going out to W. 6th, Julie and Ali would have to be 21. FINALLY TWENTY-ONE! Woo-hoo ladies!

The stipulation for invitees, according to Ali, was, “GIRLS ONLY. HOT GIRLS ONLY. WILD AND CRAZY AND HOT GIRLS ONLY.”

Ali, Tiffany, Anita and I started from Cleveland Heights around 9:30. When Anita and I were waiting outside to be picked up, I was holding some sashes that I made for Julie and Ali that said, “Birthday Sexy” because I thought “Birthday Sex” might be too crass. So some young whippersnappers I can only assume were in college said, “Happy Birthday!” and I told them we were twins and it was our 21st birthday. Anita and I don’t look like.

Ali and Julie both looked extrodinarily birthday-esque that night, especially with the sashes I made for them. They also have some magnificent sparkly pins that sya “21” but you can’t see that in this picture. Don’t they look radiant!? I especially like Stephanie photobombing like a pro. If you’re wondering where Ali got her dress, it’s from Value World on W. 105th and Lorain. She told me I couldn’t borrow it L I didn’t even ask!!


Here is a picture of all of the girls. Don’t we all look so glamorous and young? The answer is no, we look kind of tipsy and young. I don’t know who that girl on the right side in the blue is. Also, apparently it has become Tiffany’s birthday also, as she is wearing a Happy Birthday crown. We may or may not have forced that on her.


Look at how cute Julie and her sisters are! They all look almost related! And very good at accessorizing


And Friday was the night that I discovered that I had boobs. At age 25. Go me. Boys don’t talk to you because of your awesome personality. They talk to you because of your awesome rack. FEMINISM.


My mother saw this picture on facebook and told me I forgot to wear a dress over my lingerie. FML.


2 Responses to “JuliAli Birthday Bash!”

  1. Amazing!!!! I thought I’d be 22 before this was posted. Mighty impressed with the new photo header for the site. HURRAY CLESocial!

  2. super fun post! love the header too!!!

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