August 28, 2012

Just kidding. This isn’t a Star Wars post. If you wish it were, you’re reading the wrong blog. I might post about it sometime. Just not today.

Anyway. Ali had a 80s themed joint birthday party (of the year, not of life) at Haus de Sticky (Steve and Ricky’s named combined is Sticky) AND WE WENT ALL OUT. Steve, Ali, and Ricky all have really similar birthdays.

I wore a dress that I bought at Value World in 2004 because my RA told us that the Valentine’s day party she was bringing us to was 80s themed and IT TOTALLY WASN’T! WTF! NO ONE ELSE WAS DRESSED UP. But I got this super sweet dress. And I kept it. Forever.

Ali and I started the night by drinking a bunch then spinning around really quickly in order to emulate what dancing looked like in the 80s. S-s-s-s-a-a-a-a-f-f-f-f-e-e-e-e-t-t-t-t-y-y-y-y. Then we clung onto each other for dear life because we were so dizzy. (This is the new pic for CleSocial!)


Some really cool people tried to photobomb this picture of some gorgeous 80s ladies. And by tried, I mean succeeded. (80s Ladies: Ali, Anita, Nidhizzle, Julie, Tiffany. Photobombers: Hans, Chris.)


SO WE LET THEM INTO OUR PICTURE. The new girl with the hot pink tubie and black leather mini is Emily. I know her outfit looks 80s but she actually dresses like this every day.


This was Steve’s pose practically all night long. Steve: “Leave me alone with my drink. It’s 1988! I am a baby.” Ali: “NO.”


ANOTHER PICTURE OF STEVE LIKE THIS. (Ivy, Ricky, Ali, Steve, Sagree.)


Unclear what is happening here but I think someone was giving out free Whitesnake tattoos or similar.


And then Emily decided to preen me. Tiffany is a “Three martini lunch power broker woman!” according to Ali. There were a lot of comparisons to Miranda from SATC. And Julie decided to do a side ponytail to prove that she, too, was from the 80s.

image image image

And my strapless dress kept falling down that night so that sucked.



  1. Whitesnake tattoos or something similar!!!! hahahaha.
    Love it!

    I didn’t realize your dress was falling, just that it was burnt 😦

    Maybe suspenders next time?

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