Football Regression

September 9, 2012

So last year I did a regression on the Cleveland Browns and Detroit Lions since 2008 to see how many games they would win. (I’m from Detroit and now live in Cleveland, I can like both teams, OK?!)


Surprisingly, my completely unsubstantiated basis for using a 2nd-order polynomial as the regression method turned out to be relatively correct. The Lions won 10 games and the Browns won 4.

Here is my prediction for 2012.


The Lions will go 16-0 and probably win the Superbowl, and the Browns will win a paltry 2 games. Here’s hoping I’m wrong about the Browns!


One Response to “Football Regression”

  1. D said

    why are you so obsessed with building regressions? they are fun and all, but the past doesn’t actually tell our future 😉

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