That time I ran in the Akron Relay Marathon

October 8, 2012

Last Saturday, I, along with Julie, Tiffany, Ashley, and Lindsay, ran one complete marathon. I know exactly what you’re thinking. “Nidhi, if you ran in a relay marathon before and hated it, and you hate running, why the f did you sign up for another one?!” HEY PEOPLE. It turns out if you go on facebook when drunk, sometimes you will sign up for anything even if no one asks you if you want to be on their relay team! Oopsie.

We decided to drive down to Akron the night before because the stupid marathon started at 7 am. THAT IS SO EARLY. We hit a hotel snafu in which the Radisson decided that we couldn’t split a room 5 ways (though they had explicitly told us we could when we made the reservations) and we would have to get another room. We cancelled our reservation and went and stayed at the Comfort Inn, which the hotel staff was very lovely to us. There was a pool. I forgot my swim suit.

We ate dinner at the Macaroni Grill that night, carbs yeah blah blah. I STARTED FREAKING OUT BECAUSE I HAD TO RUN FOUR MILES THE NEXT DAY. FOUR MILES IN A ROW. OMG. I BARELY SLEPT.

Anyway, the morning of the race was torture. We woke up at 5:30, scrambled to put our running outfits on, and ate breakfast like super quickly. Comfort Inn was so accommodating and put breakfast out an hour early for the runners! Bleary eyed.


Since I ran first, the ladies on my team dropped me off at the beginning point with Julie (she ran 2nd) and then at 7:02am, I was off! I say 7:02am because I was hanging out with Julie and not really paying attention AND THE RACE HAD SOMEHOW STARTED WITHOUT ME NOTICING. OOPS. SO MUCH ENERGY. THEY SHOULD TELL YOU IT STARTED.

I started running. I was determined to run this entire FOUR MILES without stopping, even though the most I had run before was 2 miles. I started off at a slow slow pace and continued with that slow slow pace for most of the race. It turns out, when you run at a slow slow pace, you can live tweet a four mile run. You’re welcome, tweeps. (These have been edited to be placed in chronological order.)


Yeah I think I destroyed my hip in the process of running too far, so I thought some Warrior 2 would help. Then I went home and soaked in a tub of Bengay.


Yeah, they give you medals for running a relay. TEAM WORK, IT MAKES THE DREAM WORK.


And then I signed up for the Cleveland 10k. It’s not until May, so I totally have time to train, right? I will never sign up for a race that I actually have to train for. Yes, I will regret this probably.


2 Responses to “That time I ran in the Akron Relay Marathon”

  1. I absolutely love your posts!!! You always make my day. And I’m so glad to hear that someone else doesn’t like running.

  2. Please blog more. I love this and you. I still can’t believe the race started WITHOUT US EVEN NOTICING.

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