CleSocial goes Glamping, Part 1

October 16, 2012

Have you heard of glamping? Well, it’s this super awesome thing where you have really glamorous tents with really glamorous beds and do really glamorous (not campy) things. CleSocial and co. went camping this past weekend at Kelleys Island and it was very fun and glamorous – if you count plaid flannel as glamorous.

We got to Kelleys Island around 6pm and took the ferry across. I drove the car onto the ferry and it was so cool, basically like I was driving down a big blue watery road. Here is a sweet guy in the car in front of us making eyes at my camera during the picture taking process.


Once we got to the campground, we quickly determined the best campsite location would be on beach/waterfront/wind area. My 8 person tent (that only held a 5 person orgy, please, any more would be crass) was dubbed “The Palace”.


Then Hans and I built a fire! If you analyze my glamorous outfit, you can tell that I am channeling my inner Real Housewife. Even though I have never seen the show, I am assuming they wear a lot of leopard print and plaid also.


The first night, we made foil packet dinners, which are basically the best thing ever (if you don’t know, the only reason people go camping is because you get to eat so much food that is so bad for you because you are being “active”).  Foil packets consist of a bunch of root vegetables, meat, and gravy that you stuff into aluminum foil, fold up into a packet, and let rest on the fire for 40 minutes and by then you’ve basically eaten your hand.


The first night, it got down to 40F and we sat around the campfire while Nick played guitar and we sang songs. Then we grudgingly trekked to The Palace, where it was actually 40F and there was no fire to warm my butt by. GROUND IS COLD. But, when we woke up we had amazing breakfast. Did you know that Penzeys Curry powder spice can make basically anything taste good? Curried potatoes for breakfast!


Then we walked into the Forbidden Forest…


Thanks to Jessica for some of these pictures! Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion of CleSocial goes Glamping!


4 Responses to “CleSocial goes Glamping, Part 1”

  1. Foil packet dinners always taste so good!

  2. Foil dinners are my favorite!

  3. Will we find out the thrilling results of the Palace orgy!!!?!??!!!

  4. This is a real cliffhanger! Where is part two!!!???!! 🙂

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