Ever since Paris Hilton became famous for doing practically nothing (and everyone), we’ve wanted to be famous for doing practically nothing (not really everyone, though). We’ve determined through research (watching way too much E! News) that being a socialite is the exact embodiment of our dreams.

AND since we’ve both serendipitously landed in Cleveland and made acquaintance by making up missed pottery classes on the same random night, it only makes sense for us to be CLEVELAND SOCIALITES.

We like eating, we like drinking, we like thrifting and crafting, and we like doing fun things with amazing people.

We ❤ being social.     We ❤ Cle.      We ❤ ourselves.


At 25 years old, she’s made it as a very talented and successful nonprofit artist -raising almost $150 in the past few years by upcycling discarded materials into true treasures!!  In order to supplement her lifestyle, she also works a day job as an engineer. She’s really wonderful at updating her blog in a timely fashion after completing a craft and is the generous host of the ever-expanding Craft+Wine Club every other Tuesday evening. Prior to moving to Cleveland, Nidhi lived in Michigan. Nidhi is also a whiz with the Twitter. Follow her @nidhizzle


At 25 years old, she’s made it as a very successful soon-to-be-licensed architect (soon-to-be indicating she just passed her first registration exam!!) with a knack for volunteering her services for way too many things, including Friday evenings at the Cleveland Museum of Art and Cleveland’s first ever networking+partying organization, M+arty! Ali has a lasercutter which means she spends way to many weekends at work cutting the outline of Cleveland’s skyline. Prior to moving to Cleveland, Ali lived in New York City, small-town-USA, New Jersey, Pittsburgh, and finally the city where Mao was born, China. Ali is a novice at Twitter but a huge fan of Facebook sans-timeline. Like Ali’s designs on Fb here.


5 Responses to “About”

  1. Congrats on the new blog ladies! Looking forward to your famous in CLE posts!

  2. Lovvve it and I can’t wait to come home to CLE and socialize!

  3. J G Edwards said

    hello i work in municipal sewage clean dept. can i join group ? single, male man, 34, cleveland

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