500full Does anyone else think it’s silly that a storm of such great proportions is named after the subdued female lead of “Grease”? I think Sandra, always spoken with an authoritative, Ivy League snob-esque accent would have been better suited. Or better yet, Olga. Olga is a perfect name for this “Frankenstorm” hurricane that is bringing conditions typical of tropical storms as far inland as our fair city of Cleveland.

IMG-20121029-01728 Yesterday evening, after a lovely catered affair at Windows on the River discussing the future of the surrounding area and industry with the Flats Forward committee, Stephen, Danny and I headed for Edgewater to watch the 20’ tall waves crash over the rocky shoreline. Stephen was convinced this was a novel idea and I was convinced he was a crazy storm chaser and we quickly discovered that he was wrong and I might still be right. There were at least one hundred cars moving in and out of Wendy Park and lower Edgewater Park (including news crews), parked with windshield wipers moving full force to batter the rising, trusting water of a very angry Lake Erie.

Canada supposedly is gaining beaches by the second as ours recede under the mighty force of the water. In most coastal situations, the area bordering the ocean is evacuated and so the closest you can ever get to the water is by looking at the television, watching a poor newscaster get soaked / nearly pulled under. Last night, and today, here in Ohio, it was an entirely different scenario.


Above, a photo of waves crashing over I-90 between the E55th and E72nd exit was shared by over 15,000 people on Facebook last time I checked early Tuesday afternoon. That’s about how many people – including me! – lost power in Cleveland Heights alone last night!

550143_10152219880980007_706897749_n Ricky ventured out to the Lake today, when conditions were slightly calmer inland, but just as gusty and tumultuous on the water and captured the shot above, which I think is gorgeous. From fury comes beauty!

Stay strong, stay safe Cleveland!