Happy Friendsgiving!

November 19, 2012

On Saturday, my friends Ivy and Danny had a bunch of people over for Thanksgiving.


Here we all are around the Friendsgiving table! Luckily, there is no kids table!


Ali: “My dad asked me what friendsgiving was, and I told him that it is Thanksgiving with friends. Then he asked what Thanksgiving with family was, and I said, ‘…Thanksgiving?…”

Every year I am thankful for the month of November, because without it, I wouldn’t have been born.


Have you heard of glamping? Well, it’s this super awesome thing where you have really glamorous tents with really glamorous beds and do really glamorous (not campy) things. CleSocial and co. went camping this past weekend at Kelleys Island and it was very fun and glamorous – if you count plaid flannel as glamorous.

We got to Kelleys Island around 6pm and took the ferry across. I drove the car onto the ferry and it was so cool, basically like I was driving down a big blue watery road. Here is a sweet guy in the car in front of us making eyes at my camera during the picture taking process.


Once we got to the campground, we quickly determined the best campsite location would be on beach/waterfront/wind area. My 8 person tent (that only held a 5 person orgy, please, any more would be crass) was dubbed “The Palace”.


Then Hans and I built a fire! If you analyze my glamorous outfit, you can tell that I am channeling my inner Real Housewife. Even though I have never seen the show, I am assuming they wear a lot of leopard print and plaid also.


The first night, we made foil packet dinners, which are basically the best thing ever (if you don’t know, the only reason people go camping is because you get to eat so much food that is so bad for you because you are being “active”).  Foil packets consist of a bunch of root vegetables, meat, and gravy that you stuff into aluminum foil, fold up into a packet, and let rest on the fire for 40 minutes and by then you’ve basically eaten your hand.


The first night, it got down to 40F and we sat around the campfire while Nick played guitar and we sang songs. Then we grudgingly trekked to The Palace, where it was actually 40F and there was no fire to warm my butt by. GROUND IS COLD. But, when we woke up we had amazing breakfast. Did you know that Penzeys Curry powder spice can make basically anything taste good? Curried potatoes for breakfast!


Then we walked into the Forbidden Forest…


Thanks to Jessica for some of these pictures! Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion of CleSocial goes Glamping!

They forgot the “im”

September 25, 2012

Seen at E. 40th and Payne, Cleveland, OH. #instagramthatshit


Do you ever feel like someone from your past has a voodoo doll made up of you and is stabbing you as you go on in your love life?

JuliAli Birthday Bash!

August 19, 2012

Last Friday night, (ok, last last Friday night (I’m a bad blogger)), The Gang and I went out downtown on W. 6th to celebrate the 21st birthdays of Ali and Julie. I decided that since we were going out to W. 6th, Julie and Ali would have to be 21. FINALLY TWENTY-ONE! Woo-hoo ladies!

The stipulation for invitees, according to Ali, was, “GIRLS ONLY. HOT GIRLS ONLY. WILD AND CRAZY AND HOT GIRLS ONLY.”

Ali, Tiffany, Anita and I started from Cleveland Heights around 9:30. When Anita and I were waiting outside to be picked up, I was holding some sashes that I made for Julie and Ali that said, “Birthday Sexy” because I thought “Birthday Sex” might be too crass. So some young whippersnappers I can only assume were in college said, “Happy Birthday!” and I told them we were twins and it was our 21st birthday. Anita and I don’t look like.

Ali and Julie both looked extrodinarily birthday-esque that night, especially with the sashes I made for them. They also have some magnificent sparkly pins that sya “21” but you can’t see that in this picture. Don’t they look radiant!? I especially like Stephanie photobombing like a pro. If you’re wondering where Ali got her dress, it’s from Value World on W. 105th and Lorain. She told me I couldn’t borrow it L I didn’t even ask!!


Here is a picture of all of the girls. Don’t we all look so glamorous and young? The answer is no, we look kind of tipsy and young. I don’t know who that girl on the right side in the blue is. Also, apparently it has become Tiffany’s birthday also, as she is wearing a Happy Birthday crown. We may or may not have forced that on her.


Look at how cute Julie and her sisters are! They all look almost related! And very good at accessorizing


And Friday was the night that I discovered that I had boobs. At age 25. Go me. Boys don’t talk to you because of your awesome personality. They talk to you because of your awesome rack. FEMINISM.


My mother saw this picture on facebook and told me I forgot to wear a dress over my lingerie. FML.

Walnut Wednesdays

July 15, 2012

IMG-20120711-00813 For anyone who thinks downtown Cleveland is a merely a collection of office drones on the weekdays, you have obviously not been to a Walnut Wednesday.

After hours, Walnut is an excellent go-to for free parking when attending lectures at the CUDC or a play in the theater district, BUT from 11:30am to 1:30pm on Wednesdays during the summer (May 2nd through September 26th) you’ll be hard pressed to find a place to stand let alone park.

IMG-20120711-00818 Cleveland’s famous food trucks line the street and come lunchtime, people of all kinds flock to the roving kitchen that best serves their tastebuds. From B&M’s bbq to Hodge Podge to strEAT, there is sure to be something for everyone IF you have patience, for the lines are long and the pavement hot.

Last Wednesday was my first WW experience and I loved it so much, after the lunch hour was over I immediately made plans for this week. A fantastic band entertained in the recently redeveloped park on E 12th while people boogied, melting off the calories of a tasty lunch (below).

And the food? Does !!!!!!! sum it up?

IMG-20120711-00817Stephen and I visited Hodge Podge, which was my decision, half based on the line size and the fact that I am a fan of Hodge’s (the stationary dinning location downtown that opened in the old Zinc after the wild success of the food truck!). Sharee and coworkers went to strEAT.

The rest of world seemed to be at Umami Moto, which is a great decision on their part, since their fish tacos are superb!

At $7 each, we decided to split the shrimp and jalapeño grits and two fish tacos (pictured above). Next time, I’m going to order my own shrimp. IT WAS FABULOUS. BEST THING I EVER PUT IN MY MOUTH TERRITORY. Conversely, the fish was a bit dry and the mango salsa either transparent or missing from our plates. I would complain, but standing it line to complain was not desirable.

Also, the SHRIMP GRITS WERE AMAZING.IMG-20120711-00814

Last Saturday, I (along with the MOH Justine) threw a bridal shower for my friend Stephanie. She is absolutely in LOVE with the royal wedding and/or Kate Middleton, so the theme of this was “Keep Calm and Bridal Shower” and the setting was a tea party! So very fancy.

Justine and I are both master procrastinators, so we started setting up almost all the details basically that morning. After driving around for 2 hours trying to look for Champagne&Juice (Target), plastic Champagne glasses (Dean’s Supply as well as other locations that didn’t have what we were looking for), and lunch (Phoenix because WSM had 0 parking!), we finally ended up at Phoenix Downtown to set up the party.

DSCN1187 (Small)

After finishing up the gift bags, Justine and I set up the party favor table and frantically tried to figure out what games to play since we also had not decided on those already. We ended up having this awesome bunting since FedEx had screwed up my postcard order the first time and printed them in B&W.

 DSCN1195 (Small)

After we set up all the tables in a single row to make one large table, the guests started arriving. Actually, the guests started arriving exactly on time and the tables weren’t set up yet. They were good sports and helped us move the tables around. Here is a photo of me, Stephanie (the bride, because she’s wearing a tiara) and Justine (Steph’s sister). Fun fact: That tiara cost $2 in the Target children party section but Stephanie wore it for basically 12 hours.

DSCN1197 (Small)

We moved all the stuff from the faux fireplace and used it as the gift holder. If you’re wondering what we did with the stuff originally in the faux fireplace, we hid it. Somewhere downtown. I’ll never tell. Next to that is a picture of Nathan explaining our first tea. He is probably pissed that we hid all their stuff.

DSCN1201 (Small) DSCN1204 (Small)

The tea party started off with mini sandwiches that I think Chauncey made, and they were delicious! Well, I can only speak for the vegetarian one but it was really good and the vegetarian option tasting good is really the only thing that matters to me.

 DSCN1214 (Small)

After eating the sandwiches, we moved on to scones. (The teas were kept on our tables during both foodstuffs.) The scones were served with clotted cream, butter, jam, and apple butter. OMG they were sooo delicious. And I’m not sure why this picture of me and Justine was taken. Someone was like, “Hey! Hold these scones. I’ll take a picture and you will probably print it out and hang it on your wall.” WELL GUESS WHAT, I DIDN’T.

DSCN1233 (Small)

After the foodstuffs, Stephanie started opening gifts. Her fiancé Mike showed up near the end of the shower and my favorite present was this awesome apron that someone’s grandma had sewn. I stole that, too. 

DSCN1216 (Small) DSCN1228 (Small)

Our lovely hosts at Phoenix Chauncey and Nathan were super accommodating the whole time and were so fabulous to work with. Thank you so much!! My first time planning a bridal shower was a success!

It’s on the internet. It has to be true.

Draft Mag just published an article explaining that while Cleveland may suffer in other regards (sports, dirty beaches), microbrews we lack not.

BeerTownCleve1 If you’re looking for a way to toast the most odd occasion of celebrating the 4th on a Wednesday, look no further than this article, packed full of suggestions from the overly touristy (in my humble opinion) Great Lakes Brewery in Ohio City to places where you can eat a ton of carbs, like Melt, to soak up the gallons of lager sloshing in your belly.

My favorite suggestions: Cave du Vin in Coventry Village, Happy Dog on the Detroit Shoreway and the overlooked, newly opened Bottlehouse in Cleveland Heights.

The article even suggests places to sleep should you be traveling to Beertown!

Crazy Busy Life

July 2, 2012

Every time I receive an email alert that a blog I follow has been updated I cringe a little, damning myself for not having the discipline or energy to post at 3am.

Then I remember that some of these lovely bloggers have babies that demand attention in the middle of the night and that perhaps late night breast feeding and blogging go hand in hand.

And then I remember that sometimes I am doing really excellent things at 3am that are way preferable to blogging. Sometimes that awesome thing is even sleep!

Lastly, I then remember how my best defense as to why I am a terribly inconsistent blogger is that I am out living an exuberant Cleveland Socialite’s life and Live Writer is not an acquaintance I lug around town. *

To that last point, my ultimate excuse / justification was validated today whilst reading commentary in the NY Time’s Opinionator column.


Tim Kreider essentially calls out everyone who used the phrase “I’m so busy; crazy busy right now” to promote their own social status and proclaim to the world “I am important and everyone wants me and everyone needs me and so dear pile o’ laundry, you will just have to wait for me to schedule a date with you on my Outlook calendar”.

(What? You don’t schedule in trips to the grocery store, phone calls with old friends and dates with your dishwasher?!)

In the first paragraph of the article, he even he goes to far as to say our “compliant” is really a boast. So, yes, please go ahead and compliment me on my inability to sit down and watch a single Olympic Trials swimming race. A race that takes .0000005 seconds for these champs, mind you.

It’s true, I’m exhausted and there is a large pile of dishes, shopping bags waiting to be emptied, unopened mail, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love that I have to schedule time to sit on my couch and read 1/3 of a magazine before I decide this activity is too idle and its time to warm up the lasercutter and make some crafts. I love that I have a stack of library books measuring 2’ tall next to my bed and that I am able to read 1/3 of a page before falling into sleep or springing up from horizontality to seize the opportunity to do something that feels more productive (likely, not blogging). I love how I have lost the ability to sit and watch a movie without multitasking. I love being busy.

Like the author points out, busy people “feel anxious and guilty when they aren’t either working or doing something to promote their work. They schedule in time with friends the way students with 4.0 G.P.A.’s  make sure to sign up for community service because it looks good on their college applications.”

“Busyness serves as a kind of existential reassurance, a hedge against emptiness; obviously your life cannot possibly be silly or trivial or meaningless if you are so busy, completely booked, in demand every hour of the day.” 

I believe this truth to be self-evident. Why else would I take the time to create Facebook events? And not just any events, events I plan, create, take control over. And it’s true, we make ourselves even busier than any work or otherwise engagement asks us to be. Case in point: We cannot just go out and have a night on the Detroit Shoreway or West 6th, it has to be a faux Bachelorette party. What is that? Who knows! We made it up. Because the extra work and effort that goes into that validates our lives. And because getting together with friends cannot merely consist of porch sitting, but must contain substance and content, like a lecture, a gallery opening, a yoga class. Sure we can must go and down a bottle of wine afterwards, but to just happy hour feels empty, incomplete, a poor use of time.

If you are like me, you’ll enjoy Happy Dog’s new series of lectures presented by Case Western Reserve University professors called Life, the Universe and Hot Dogs. The series promises enlightenment whilst munching on tater tots and hot dogs. It’s like eating in front of the Discovery Channel or devouring the Times while sipping coffee. Or eating lunch and writing this blog post. It is multi-tasking my busy friends, at its finest.


*I know the same goes for Nidhi, who hosted a unique Bridal Shower for a co-worker at Phoenix Coffee on Saturday and went to a wine tasting Bachelorette party in Geneva on Sunday. Why haven’t you heard from her? Duh, she’s busy doing something awesome right now like g-chatting with me and eating lunch with interns because some Excel spreadsheet told her to (engineers are strange!).

Bang Bang :: Gang Gang

June 29, 2012

The here and now is great (unless your ‘here and now’ is sitting in the sweaty, humid Cleveland sunshine without a clean, cool body of water in sight) but sometimes, a girl just needs to time travel.

409735_907088520219_871369894_nLuckily, this does not require more than a rocket car and museum ticket. Wait, you don’t have those things? What boulder have you been living under, Clevelanders?!

Last night my uncooperative Blackberry failed to capture the awesomeness that was riding around the Flats on a converted Euclid Beach Rocket. Even the sugary sweet carnival music and flashing red lights had been restored in this space-aged silver bullet that once dazzled Eastside beach goers. Ten feet above the ground, we waved at cars like we were the Queens of England. People looked at us like they were seeing ghosts of beach goers past.

484590_907084518239_172281745_n At one end of the ride was Rivergate Fest in Rivergate Park, sponsored by SPACES gallery , the Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative, Ohio Canal Corridor, Cleveland Dragon Boat Association, and Western Reserve Rowing Association. A few yummy caterers set up shop Hart Crane Park (named after the poet) and the band played on and on and on under the bridges. For FREE you could have taken part in this hootin’, hollering good time while driving through RTA-only tracks for mind-blowingly good views of Cleveland.

380722_907092816609_1418825788_n On the other end of the 14 acre park, you also would have seen a joyous group of blue people eating and drinking blue (melting) Jell-O and performing complex yoga moves while being eaten by the strange bugs that inhabit Settler’s Landing. No, this wasn’t an act from the nearby Larry Flint’s Hustler Club, this, my friends, was the FUTURE. The year 2030, to be exact when the Earth will be so overpopulated by chickens and people and organic wine that the whole lot of us just sucks of the beauty of the oceans and turns a lovely shade of blue. (We also become gelatinous.) 553912_907090775699_808952502_nI know these things, I’ve seen the future. And apparently, others have to, because between Dave’s and Walmart in Cleveland Heights, there were only 9 packets of Blue Raspberry Jello-o 😦

Why is the future full of blue? Because I said so. After being pushed and proded by CUDC designer Sagree Sharma, a small group of us met to brainstorm outlandish ways to portray daily life 18 years from now. At 43 years-old (What I will be 18 years from now! EEEK!), I can for sure tell you we might not wear only blue jumpsuits, but our food will certainly be unrecognizably gross – the way bison and cow meat look the same in a patty but not in the wild. This is fact. In fact, SOMEONE IS TRYING TO INVENT A BURRITO 3-D PRINTER. ALL OF OUR FOOD WILL BE PASTE!

179504_907089578099_835603973_n Because I am pretty good at forcing my crazy ideas on people and because I own a lot of ridiculous blue clothes and accessories, the future quickly became blue and I became the head of the art instillation alongside fellow “artists” Tiffany Schroeder and Stephen Love. See, we are famous. In the FUTURE!

So, there is it. The coolest event in the Flats. And you missed it. Why did I title part one of this post BANG BANG? Because I feel like in the sketchy area were we picnicked for three hours, in the here and now and in the future, you are likely to get shot there. I mean, isn’t that what happens on streets that are largely empty of anything save two strip clubs and a Sonoco?


Now that you are finished crying over your missed vision of 2030, start racing around your house / local thrift store to look for something dashing, darling, because now we are time traveling into the 1920’s!

Cleveland Museum of Art Summer Solstice Party The Cleveland Museum of Art is hosting it’s annual Summer Solstice this Saturday approximately 10 days later than the rest of the Earth, but no matter, the soiree would be a hit any time of year. Musicians and bands cover a huge range of material and visual and performing art performances dazzle all night long inside the museum and on the lawn (7pm-2am this year).

While the ticket price was hefty (read: greater than Free), you either forked over the cash and plan to eat very many stuffed mushroom caps or you are creative like my great friend and artist Tracie Zamiska and myself. (DISCLAIMER: Tickets are sold out! Start planning for next year, fool!)

AwkOIi5CMAEZzu-.jpg large Tracie found a photo contest on the awesome blog “Unmiserable Cleveland” and won a fast pass to the party by submitting a great photo of the dragon sculptures in AsiaTown (left). CONGRATS TRACIE! And Congrats to Unmiserable Cleveland, you have a new follower in CleSocial because Cleveland is uber-awesome, not miserable AT ALL!

I on the other hand, have become a slave volunteer at CMA and have my own plans to visit the pre-showing of the 1920’s exhibition opening to the public on July 1st. I’m also super excited to see NYC-based electronic music group Gang, Gang.

Hopefully, no one will go bang bang in Wade Oval with all those 1920’s era gangster running amuck! 🙂

BvB CLE, by an MVP

June 20, 2012

By MVP you KNOW I mean minorly valuable player.

This post could also be titled “That Time I tried to play Football and Failed” but I digress.

Last Saturday was the inaugural Blondes v Brunettes charity football game to raise money for Alzheimer’s research, and I played defense (poorly). (One of the coaches said he would whip me in to shape but he clearly lied.) Here is a picture of me Party Rocking and some coaches clearly not whipping me into shape. Though I wish a particular one would have. Hehe.


Here is a picture of me in action, and next to it is a picture of me in action with me blown up. It looks like I’m tackling that girl but she had already been tackled by someone else and I was just posing. Because I’m a camera hog. I think it’s me, anyway.

image image

Also we had to wear these “eye black” stickers that were purple, opaque, and said “Brunettes” on them. THIS HAPPENED (my cheek is slightly lighter than the rest of my face in the shape of an eye black sticker) EVEN THOUGH I WORE SUNSCREEN! SUNSCREEN APPARENTLY DOESN’T WORK EVEN WHEN IT’S SPF 45. THOUGH THIS WENT AWAY AFTER A FEW HOURS SO I THINK IT MIGHT HAVE JUST BEEN STICKER SHOCK, HEHE.


Sorry. I just wrote a blog post about myself. Right, BVB is for supporting a great cause, and you can still donate here! I think you can still donate, anyway. Thank you SO MUCH to all my lovely friends who donated to this and supported me on game day! Also Thanks to Ali for taking all these pics! ❤ Also brunettes lost 14-0 so that sucks but I can’t wait to take the Blondes on in 2013 AND BEAT THEM EVEN THOUGH ALL OF THEM ARE AT LEAST TWICE MY HEIGHT. AND ALSO BEAT ALZHEIMER’S!