As relative newbies to the city (Nidhi has been here for 2.5 years while Ali is just pushing 1.25!) we’re always looking for rec’s from the more experienced when it comes down to where we should invest our hard earned cash and free time.

I’ve been utterly astounded how excellent the culinary options are in this city, even for a veg-head like Nidhi. While we’ll probably spend most our time raving about food, we do (sometimes) do other things like attend plays, shop, and, um, drink. Can that be a different category separate from food? Either way, our top picks of places and things to enjoy will be right here for you to find the next time you’re looking for the best of the best [fill in the blank].

<— Obvious, but when you see a heart, that means we ❤ it. We won’t use a silly rating scale, because everything we put up here will be four out of four stars!!! Some very lucky (edible) items will received the coveted BTimm notation (aka “the Best Thing in my mouth” award).


Where: Negative Space Gallery + Cafe, Asia Town Center on East38th + Superior Ave and Phoenix Coffee Shops.

What: A seriously yummy + healthy blend of locally roasted coffee, organic chocolate, raisins and currents. Ali was skeptical of the name and the fact that she detest raisins, but this bar was so freaking delicious is comes close to earning the coveted “BTimm” award.

Spicy Fried Tofu+ Sweet potato waffles $17

Where: SOHO Kitchen + Bar on West 25th

What:THE. BEST. THING. WE. EVER. PUT. IN. OUR. MOUTHS. This was Nidhi’s meal off of the special Veggie menu, and while my Blackened Mahi was superb, as well, this tofu and waffles with banana crunch and bourbon maple syrup was heaven on a plate. I was green with food envy. Their southern-styled cocktails were strong and robust with flavor, as well. Ali recommends The Coral Gables. SOHO is a new establishment and in our eyes, the house brew resembled NattieIce a bit too much. Otherwise, SOHO is flawless!


Thrifting at ValueWorld; starting at $0.49

Where: 10694 Lorain Road Cleveland, OH. 44111 []

What: Only THE best thrift store in Cleveland. The place is huge, the inventory (especially in the ladies department) in stellar (Ali scored an 80’s prom dress from Jessica McClintok with the tags still on it for $6.00 and her jumpsuit for the Rock Hall induction for $8.00 while Nidhi amassed the perfect pair of leather gloves on super sale for under $5). Of course, cheaper items can be found, especially if your picks align with the color of the day, which affords you up to 50% off the marked ticket price. Stellar. Just Stellar.


2 Responses to “Raves+Faves”

  1. I’ve heard good things about Value World… can’t wait to check it out!

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